• Industrial design
  • Amsterdam

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Why design?

Well.. creating something physical/touchable has always interested me. It takes labor, skills and craft. Therefore you get a product in return. Design needs to be a honest craft, labor for a product, appreciation for a product.
Design becomes a complicated word nowadays, what’s good design, what is bad design? Is a designers shoe better than a not designers shoe? The word is used as a selling point to add value. Anybody can come up with good ideas and good solutions. But good design is not only what looks good, it’s a perfect combination of function and form that serves a specific purpose.
As you get to know each of these ingredients, you can make certain dots. How to connect these dots - that’s where the creativity kicks in. Sometimes you need to be a geek to go through the whole process. But when the end result gives people a good experience, a beautiful object or a smile on their face, than the goal is reached.


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