Unga is a toy design- and development company specialized in creating high play value toys for global brands.
My project was about developing a new kind of exciting concept for RC robotics and active toys. The goal was to inspire and offer more possibilities for a certain target group. This group is the teenager from 12 til 18 who stopped playing in the outdoor, and have plenty virtual ‘friends’.

The Jumpshot RC is designed to feel and move like a skateboard. So when you turn right, the rear and the front wheels move to each other, like skate trucks. And what is the simplest and basic function you want to have on a RC? Jumping. The car is designed in a way that the front wheels jump first, than the rear wheels. This way you can get better in your tricks, and show it on-line off course.

At the front and rear pivots are clear visible ABEC 3 bearings. The same used in skate wheels.

The electric motor is located at the rear of the car. This way the shaft can be in one line the wheel. In this way it wont interfere the steering. When the car Jumps the shaft have to move in one vertical axle.

In the centre of the car are 2 CO2 capsules located. These provide the power for the 4 bouncers to push the wheels downwards.

1:1 3D printed model

short proces description. From targetgroup analysis, technical solutions to final design.